Fraser Jamieson | Barista

Training & Consulting

Working with restaurants and cafes we offer a range of services including barista training, coffee program development, and consulting.

Bartenders, servers, and those currently engaged as baristas, understand the financial rewards available when guests finish their meals on a positive note.  Properly trained baristas can turn a profitless coffee offering into a profitable coffee program.

Barista training services are aimed at restaurants using professional grade espresso grinders and either volumetric or semiautomatic espresso machines. While not uncommon in the workplace, we do not support lever-piston espresso machines, super-automatic espresso machines, or pod coffee brewers.

Barista training takes place in your restaurant when it is closed to the public. This helps to assure focused learning and allows for the opportunity to discuss espresso extraction theory and answer any associated questions.

Mentoring behind the bar takes place during the hours your shop is open and serving customers. Mentoring has proven especially beneficial to new ventures and in bar rescue situations where monitoring and coaching over the course of days, weeks, or even months, is required.

Coffee consulting services are performed onsite, offsite, by email, and over the phone. Projects may range from simple vendor introductions and efficiency coaching all the way to full shop creation including interior design assistance, menu development, training manual preparation, and more.


  • Services are invoiced at $60.00 per hour plus HST.
  • A retainer is required for new projects.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt.
  • Payments may be made in cash or by cheque payable to Fraser Jamieson.