Fraser Jamieson | Barista

Workshops At Port 1 Cafe

Customers love to finish their meals with a latte or cappuccino. However, servers are often unsure of their own skills, and tend to shy away from recommending them.

The solution to this can be as simple as a barista training workshop.

Basic Barista Training at Port 1 Cafe is a two hour hands-on workshop, available on Sunday mornings at 08:30, which is open to both espresso loving consumers and food service personnel interested in learning the fundamentals of espresso based drink preparation.

Topics covered include:

  1. Backflushing, grouphead and portafilter care.
  2. The purpose of bimodal and trimodal grinding.
  3. Dosing, grooming, and tamping.
  4. Alternate and mythological tamping theories.
  5. Brewing by mass and brewing by volume.
  6. Adjusting the grinder to meet brew targets.
  7. Foam vs. Froth: Steaming milk properly.
  8. Bringing it all together: Making cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites.

The information presented has no significant connection with the operation of lever-piston espresso machines, super-automatic espresso machines, or pod coffee brewers.


  • Two hour Barista Training Workshop:  $120.00 + $15.60 HST = $135.60
  • Post workshop followup via email is provided to all participants at no additional cost.
  • To book a workshop please contact Shawn Pourkhatai of Port 1 Cafe at 647-229-1706.

If you have any questions regarding workshops or other coffee consulting services please feel welcome to contact me directly.