Fraser Jamieson
Cafe and Restaurant Coffee Consulting
Fraser Jamieson
Cafe and Restaurant Coffee Consulting

Client Testimonials

“We took Fraser’s Barista Training Workshop and we were blown away with the amount of knowledge he had! He was so great that we had him train all our Barista’s at our cafe! Fraser knows his coffee, machinery & maintenance, recipes and also some cafe consulting and design! He is a one stop shop for everything you need to learn to start your own cafe! He is never too far away and very responsive. He is also very supportive and will let all his network know that there’s a new cafe in town! Thank you so much Fraser!”
“Fraser Jamieson provides greatly valued services to Shore Grill and Grotto with weekly cleaning and calibration of our espresso machine and grinder, and alerting us of any potential issues. We feel that he saves us future high-cost repairs and down-times since our own staff do not have the expertise to do what he does. He has also provided advice and training on equipment handling and making coffees so our entire team can provide the best possible product to our valued customers. While coffee service is a small part of our diverse operations, it is still an important component of our guest’s experiences. Fraser is meticulous and passionate about his work and is extremely dependable. We feel very confident recommending Fraser for any services he has to offer.”
“I had the pleasure of being a co-worker of Fraser’s for many years. Fraser was the barista who trained me, and essentially plunged me into the coffee obsession I still have to this day. Fraser was always professional, clear, fully knowledgeable and engaging when teaching about espresso, milk steaming, and the importance of cleanliness. Fraser’s vast knowledge of not only beans, but espresso machines, grinders etc. would make it easy for him to not just train a beginner, but also to educate someone who has had some experience with coffee previously. Fraser is a person who engages himself fully into the coffee world, turning a science into something that the average person can understand (and enjoy delicious beverages too!). Coffee is his passion, and I have to say that I was very fortunate to learn from him and still learn from today.”
“Simply stated, Fraser is like a hidden gem operating within the rather underdeveloped Canadian fast-food coffee culture. After living in Australia for a few years I was relatively fresh off the boat when I met Fraser in a low-key coffeehouse in lovely Port Credit. Having had the chance to develop an understanding that Canadian cafes typically miss the mark with espresso it was suggested to me that I visit a local cafe where Fraser was assisting with their coffee program. This came following a long search and many failed attempts to articulate the ideal coffee to baristas across the GTA.  Fraser was my first point of contact in this establishment and on his first go he was receptive and able to formulate my order with the perfect amount of silky milk in harmonious unison with a double shot of Reunion Island espresso. After continued exploratory attempts around town failed, I often found myself going out of my way, back to say hello to Fraser, pickup a tidbit of coffee knowledge, and to well, have another! Fraser is equal parts mad scientist, and artist with a coffee machine, fuelled by a true love and authenticity for his craft that shines through when he’s running the front of house operations of any establishment. Attempting to fully describe his art would only be restricted by my limited coffee vocabulary. Yes, his coffee is consistently beyond words. Without resorting to lofty superlatives, I can say the only thing greater than Fraser’s passion and know-how for coffee is his ability to make the best one you’ve had.””
“I was lucky enough to work with Fraser as a Barista for over a year. My previous Barista training was nothing compared to the knowledge, expertise, and passion that Fraser passed on to me during our shifts together. He was able to explain complex topics with ease, making them accessible, and easy to understand. His enthusiasm for coffee was contagious, and his cleanliness and proficiency, enviable. I really couldn’t have asked for a better co-worker and teacher.”
“Fraser Jamieson is the consummate professional Barista. From being an expert on all varieties of beans and roasts, to appropriate volume of ground coffee and water, he KNOWS the coffee business. Ask about machines for the coffee business, and he knows not only brands, but why a particular machine is better or worse than others in the industry. I have known Fraser’s work from being a customer at various coffee shops where he has been engaged as a consultant, and from a customer point-of-view, he is always polite, professional, courteous, prompt, and detail-oriented. The best Barista around!”
“I had the privilege of working alongside Fraser for many years as a barista at a coffee shop where I previously worked. When I first started out I had little knowledge of the coffee industry. While working with Fraser I was able to quickly grasp the essentials of the business in order to become an efficient barista. Fraser made my learning experience effortless as he is dedicated to perfection, diligent in pleasing customers, and is always willing to share his intelligence and passion for coffee. Fraser served countless satisfied customers with his delicious drinks that kept them coming back for more! I am grateful to have the opportunity to have worked with Fraser as he has taught me skills that resonate with me still today.”
“Since our very first encounter with Fraser, we’ve been delighted with the quality of the product as well as the service. Fraser is a artisan in the art of a great espresso.”
“Fraser trained me to be a barista back in 2011 when I was just starting out in the coffee business. He taught me valuable skills that helped me excel both at the coffee shop we worked at together and the coffee shops I worked at beyond it. Thanks to his teaching I was always one of the best baristas on staff wherever I went. I’ll always appreciate the knowledge he provided me with about coffee and the rich culture that goes along with it. He was always warm and welcoming and willing to answer any questions I had, and I’ll always appreciate him showing me just how great coffee can be.”
“I must say that Fraser makes the most delicately rich and satisfying Caffe Americano I’ve ever tried! After tasting what Fraser can do, I simply refuse to have one from anyone else.”
“I had the opportunity to work with Fraser Jamieson from September of 2012 to January of 2014, at two coffee shops in Port Credit. Throughout this time Fraser was able to teach me how to make exceptionally brewed coffee, espresso, and espresso based drinks including lattes and cappuccinos, as well as espresso brewing techniques. He is very knowledgeable and I have learned so much from him. He was and is very kind, efficient, outgoing, and will go out of his way to make sure every experience is a positive one. I would highly recommend Fraser for Barista Training, as he is very skilled and dedicated to his work, and has the knowledge needed to formally train employees.  ”
“I’ve known Fraser for a number of years and have found him to be very customer-service oriented. He has, on a number of occasions, explained things about choosing coffee, the different blends, and the best places to source coffee and associated products. Fraser also maintains a sense of humour while keeping the establishment clean and well organised. In closing, I would recommend Fraser in a heartbeat, because he always has everyone’s best interests in mind, both owners and customers.”
“Fraser’s passion, knowledge, and expertise resonate in every single cup. An Americano made by Fraser is an experience, and the best coffee I’ve ever had. He’ll walk you through the preparation process, sharing interesting facts, and the end result is delivered with incredible care. Fraser’s charismatic personality makes him a treat to chat with, and working with Fraser has been an absolute pleasure.”
“We are pleased to offer the services of Fraser Jamieson for our Sunday Morning Barista Training Workshops. Food service managers and servers alike understand the difficulties of training on the job. Off-site training sessions, especially those held in an actual restaurant, allow for uninterrupted and focused instruction. Restaurateurs whose staff can produce high quality espresso based drinks, on a consistent basis, may realise a significant rise in sales by prioritising espresso based drinks as their post meal closing beverage. Trained staff can turn a profitless coffee offering into a profitable coffee program.”
“I cannot emphasize enough how much Fraser cares about what he does and how much passion he puts into his work. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor for my two years working as a barista. Fraser taught me everything from A-Z that I needed to know about coffee and I will forever appreciate the rich (coffee) fountain I was fortunate enough to drink from. Fraser is a great teacher.”

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