Fraser Jamieson
Fraser Jamieson

Quality Control

From shift to shift, and from barista to barista, your regulars’ expectations deserve to be met.

Quality control monitoring programs provide an excellent way to maintain the high service standards necessary to keep your patrons coming back.

While some staff may claim bragging rights as your top baristas, and that may very well be true, the formulation and execution of all your shop’s drinks must match. Product and service inconsistencies are sighted as the two prime reasons customers switch their allegiance from one shop to another.

Too often we find lax standards and either insufficient training, or incestuous training, leading to seemingly random recipes. For restaurateurs unfamiliar with the term “incestuous training” my suspicion is that you may be unknowingly encouraging it. When outgoing staff train incoming staff, and when this takes place time and time again, it doesn’t take long before brew ratios and beverage recipes become little more than lost memories.

Regardless of staff’s knowledge and experience, having your baristas trained properly, provided with standard recipes, and monitored for performance, is the best approach.

Quality control monitoring programs also offer outstanding return on investment as clients subscribing to weekly or monthly visits typically qualify for prime rates.

If you have any questions regarding barista training or quality control monitoring please feel welcome to contact me directly.